2011 Spring Courses

  Discover Scuba February 10
  Open Water (SDI) February 14
  Discover Scuba February 17
  Open Water (SDI) March 3
  WRFA March 4-6
  WRFA March 21-23
  Open Water (SDI) April 7
  WRFA April 22-24
  Discover Scuba May 5
  Advanced WRFA May 6-8
  Open Water (SDI) May 12
  WRFA June 3-5
  Open Water (SDI) June 9
  Rescue Diver June TBA
  Bouyancy Control June TBA
  Night June TBA
  Deep June TBA
  Navigation June TBA

Survival Training

This training enables people who find themselves in a survival situation to be able to promote life longer whether it is for a few hours, over night or for days or weeks.  The more training you have, the better your chance of survival is.  Course provide an overview and hands on experience with a variety of important survival topics including:


Introduction to Wilderness Survival Seminar (4 hours)
Basic/Emergency Wilderness Survival: Field Training - 2 days/1 night (Prerequisite: Introduction - Wilderness Survival Seminar)
Standard/Intermediate Wilderness Survival: Field Training - 2 days/1 night (Prerequisite: Basic/ Emergency Wilderness Survival)
Advanced Wilderness Survival: Field Training - 2 days/2 nights
(Prerequisite: Intermediate Wilderness Survival)

Group rates are available and we can customize courses to meet your needs. Students are responsible for own equipment.