2011 Courses

Discover Scuba March 31
Open Water Course #3 Start April 13
Wilderness /Remote First Aid April 15-17
Wilderness /Remote First Aid April 20-21
Open Water Course #4 Start May 4
Discover Scuba May 12
Wilderness /Remote First Aid May 13-15
Open Water Course #5 Start May 18
Open Water Course #7 Start June 1
Wilderness /Remote First Aid June 1-3
Advanced Buoyancy Control June 9-11
Wilderness /Remote First Aid June 10-12
Underwater Search and Recovery June 9-12
Underwater Navigation June 16-19
Night/Limited Visibility Diving June 16-18
Deep June 23-26
Advance Wilderness /Remote First Aid June 17-19

Outdoor Courses

The wilderness can be fun but unforgiving place, so preparation is the key. Preparation can include, having a survival kit in you vehicle or group, checking the weather forecast, having the proper equipment for the activity you have planned. 

However, it is also important to learn the skills to be able to deal with situations that may arise, from minor to extreme.  So in addition to our Wilderness and Remote First Aid Courses (WRFA) we also recommend our Outdoor Survival Training and Orienteering/Navigation courses. Group rates are available for all courses and we can tailor and modify course content to meet your specific needs. Please contact us